Tips For Fixing Your Computer When It Fizzes Out

The computer has become a major component in our lives.  For most of us the use of a computer is done from the moment we get to work till the moment we get home and then beyond with our personal computers.  Over time our computers will begin to act up.  When this happens, we need to fix it ourselves or hire it support hampton township pa.  For those who want to learn how to fix their computers, here are some tips.

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Computer Freezes

One of the scariest things that can happen is have your computer freeze up on us when we are working on it.  When this happens, there are a few things that you can do.  First of all wait a few seconds and see if it starts to work again.  There will be times when we are working on a project and it takes a little while to complete a process.  When this happens just wait.  If after a while you will want to hit CTRL ALT Delete on your keyboard.  This will bring up a task manager.  You can then decide to stop any processes that are running in the background.

Your computer is running slow

Computers are machines and they can only run as fast as the hardware and software allows.  When your computer runs slow you want to see how old it is.  Over time Windows and other programs will update and when this happens new technology will be added.  If this happens you may need to upgrade your computer.  Another thing that you can do is only run a single program at a time.  When we run multiple applications at the same time you are using up more and more resources. 

Only install programs you use

Finally, you want to only have the programs installed on your computer that you will use on regular basis.  When you have a clean hard drive and everything is optimized your computer will run efficiently.

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